Publishing Breakthrough Course Ten:

Do you have a book in you? Let’s rephrase that – YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BOOK IN YOU! Prophet Russ has been writing since he was old enough to hold a pen. With over 13 books to his credit, Russ has navigated the pitfalls of unscrupulous agencies and scam artists to find success as a writer. In Course Ten Russ will teach you what he has learned and save you much wasted time and aggravation in bringing your book to publication. He will help you find your inspiration and show you how to turn your passion and your story into a marketable manuscript and ultimately a book that others will enjoy and be benefited by reading. If you want to write a book or have tried and failed this course is for you. As with the other courses each lesson includes a text-based study with an accompanying video, with activations and assignments to fulfill with the help of our live course assistants. Remember that this course is an elective and that Courses 1-2 (required) must be completed first.

This course as with courses 3-10 is an elective course that you can choose after completing Courses 1 and 2 on your own timetable and at your convenience. We have provided you a varied and configurable track to take these courses that accommodates your available time and budget (see enrollment page at the link below).

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