Parenting Breakthrough Course Nine:

Perhaps at no other time in modern history has parenting children become more difficult. The days and years slip through your fingers and you wonder just how effectively you are preparing your children to live lives of faith and fulfillment. Prophets Russ and Kitty have raised six children (all grown now) and are proud grandparents of 32 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The wonderful truth is that Russ and Kitty survived their parenting years and they raised children who are anchored in their faith in Christ and living productive lives. Is every one of their children perfect spiritually and achieving stellar successes? The fact is that life intervenes and that is where parenting in the “Jesus Style” becomes all the more critical. If you are desperate to know that you are fulfilling your role as a parent Course Nine is for you. It will inform you, equip you and empower you to influence your children at whatever age they may be to walk in the kingdom and fulfill the mandate of heaven over their lives. As with the other courses each lesson includes a text-based study with an accompanying video, with activations and assignments to fulfill with the help of our live course assistants. Remember that this course is an elective and that Courses 1-2 (required) must be completed first.

This course as with courses 3-10 is an elective course that you can choose after completing Courses 1 and 2 on your own timetable and at your convenience. We have provided you a varied and configurable track to take these courses that accommodates your available time and budget (see enrollment page at the link below).

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