Marketplace Breakthrough Course Five

Are you called to the marketplace? Do you have a burning desire to be in business for yourself but feel stuck in a dead-end job? Prophet Russ Walden after 20 years in full time ministry was led by God into the business world. He stepped out listening at every juncture to exactly what God told him to do and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Are you in business but fear you aren’t going to make it and don’t know how you will support your family? Course 5 of Breakthrough School is your open door to the changes you long to see. In over 15 years of thriving business experience, Russ learned that God has a particular and unique favor toward those in the business world. Course 5 will show you how to do business supernaturally and see success come from failure and thriving financial outcomes be yours to celebrate as you follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Remember that each lesson includes a text-based study to review with an accompanying video. After absorbing the material you will be helped along by our live course assistants to complete each lesson’s assignments and activations. We don’t just TELL you how to succeed we show you what comes next and how to move forward!

This course as with courses 3-10 is an elective course that you can choose after completing Courses 1 and 2 on your own timetable and at your convenience. We have provided you a varied and configurable track to take these courses that accommodates your available time and budget (see enrollment page at the link below).

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