Advanced Strategies in Breakthrough Course Two:

Advanced Strategies in Breakthrough is the second required course in Breakthrough School. In these lessons we build on the principles laid down in course one, giving you proven approaches to eliminating stagnation in your life. We will show you how to lay down the spiritual ground fire that will keep the enemy at bay as your dreams are nurtured to reality. This course covers several key spiritual and practical disciplines that Prophet Russ implemented in his own life as he moved from homelessness to being catapulted into the fulfillment of every prophetic word God had ever given him. These things are teachable and reproducible in your own situation. As a reminder, each lesson includes a text-based study for you to review and a video lesson as well as real-time oversight from your very own course assistants as you complete each lessons assignments and activations. 

This course and Course One are the required courses that you want to take first and then the remaining electives are open to you at your discretion. We have provided you a varied and configurable track to take these courses that accommodates your available time and budget (see enrollment page at the link below).

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